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Sammy in Hummelstown, PA

Just Adopted!

Sammy is a sweet eight month old, 11 pound Blenheim. He was born on an Amish farm, but was born with an inguinal hernia. When he was just two months old his breeder decided to have it repaired and neuter him. Unfortunately he was severely burned by a heating pad that was used to keep him warm during surgery. For the next three months a local veterinarian treated his burns. When it became clear that his back would be permanently scarred, the breeder decided to release him to rescue.

When he first come into rescue he still had open wounds on his back, was suffering from a skin infection and was underweight. It was clear that his body was putting all of its energy into healing his back. We immediately put him on a high quality diet and probiotics. His skin infection was treated and he saw the vet every 2-3 days for laser treatments. Fortunately his foster mom was able to take him to work every day so he could be closely watched. He soon began wearing his special coat which helped him from scratching open his healing back.

Don’t let Sammy’s story get you down. His foster mom saw something special in him. She began clicker training him as a way to redirect him when he wanted to scratch at his back. He quickly responded to his training and now knows sit, down, come, up, crate (to go into his crate on command), and leave it. He also learned to wait patiently at the vet and not bark at other dogs. He is not afraid of vacuums, thunder or fireworks and sits patiently for toenail trims and regular baths and grooming. Sammy’s love of people and training as well as his calm demeanor makes him an excellent candidate for a therapy dog. His foster mom took him lost of places to evaluate his temperament and he loved going places with her.

Sammy loves to explore outside or take a nice walk. If he can’t play outside, he is just as happy playing fetch. He will sit patiently and look at you with those big pleading eyes - hoping for just one more toss of his favorite ball. If you won’t play with him, he has been seen dropping his own ball down the steps so he can fetch it!

During the day he snuggles happily in his crate with his Cavalier foster brothers. At night, he sleeps in his dog bed with his human foster sister. Sometimes he will sneak out of his bed and cuddle up next to her for extra snuggles.

Sammy loves to play with other dogs: wrestling, tug-of-war, and chase are some of his favorite pastimes. Kids are great too. In fact, his fosters haven’t found anyone that he doesn’t like!

People who meet Sammy just think he is a an adorable, well behaved little boy. He wears his little blue coat while his back continues to heal so he doesn’t scratch it open. His back doesn’t bother him as much anymore, but it needs to be watched as his thin skin breaks open easily. It may be a few more months before that new skin toughens up and does not tear so easily. His foster mom massaged the scar tissue on a regular basis and did exercises to help stretch his back. The thick scar tissue is now gone and the vets don’t see any problems with mobility. He will always have a wide scar down his back that does not have hair. He will need to wear protective covering or use a dog friendly sunscreen when outside in the sun.

Sammy is still working on his house breaking. He is learning to ring the bells to go outside. He does best when he is at a house with a fenced in yard. He needs a family willing to continue his training to keep his puppy energy focused. Lots of snuggles and play time are a must as well, along with a canine companion.


  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: less than 1 year old
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Getting better, but needs reminding. Learning to use bells to signal.
  • Medical Conditions: Skin is still sensitive and thin and can easily be injured - will need to be watched for infection as it continues to heal. Back must be covered with a sun-protective shirt or a dog-safe sunscreen should be used when outside.
  • Temperament: Very sweet and affectionate, energetic, loves to play.
  • Recommendations: A household with a friendly pet and active people would be great as Sammy loves to play. A fenced yard is recommended as he does better with his house training when he has access to a fenced yard. Someone willing to continue his training.
  • Location: Hummelstown, PA
  • Region: Northeast

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