Southern Region

Charlie Buckets in Leesburg, VA

Update 10-8-17: Charlie Buckets has received several promising applications so we aren't taking more for now. Thank you!

Say hello to Mr. Perfect, otherwise known as Charlie Buckets! Charlie came to Cavalier Rescue USA as a release from a private home. This handsome little guy was born 10/11/13, so will be celebrating his 4th birthday soon, maybe with you?

If you are looking for a model, then I am your man! Always posing in exactly the right manner that will melt your heart, my foster family has taken multiple photos of my irresistible self. My fur is always shining and in place with the perfect texture that seems to resist snarls and entices petting! I am consistently happy and dependably the first to meet you at the door with my charming smile.

If it’s a companion that you seek, I am always nearby; helping with kitchen chores, assisting with vacuuming, supervising home improvement projects, and comforting those struggling with homework like the professional cuddler that I am! Loud noises, activity, and other pets don’t phase me. I am polite, charming, and irresistible every moment of every day and get along with everyone, especially children.

If getting out of the house is on your list of daily activities, I walk so elegantly and adorably on a leash that you are guaranteed to meet your neighbors, because they will all come flooding out to meet me! I put any Clydesdale to shame with my adorable prance and am sure to bring a smile to your face every time we venture out together. 

I am a car enthusiast and love to sit and watch them drive by, but I always remain right by your side, never pulling aggressively on the leash. I also enjoy visits to the park, shopping, playing with my foster siblings both human and canine, being carried or pushed along in a pet stroller, and snuggling with you every chance that I get!

I am on the small side, being only 13.5 pounds and the vet recommends that I remain this way in order to put less stress on my knees and joints. I have Grade 3/4 back luxating patellas, and while I may walk a bit stiff legged, they don’t seem to slow me down! I can maneuver fantastically up and down carpeted stairs, but am very hesitant with hardwood stairs. I also walk better on grass than concrete, so a spacious yard is a plus. I’m not in pain and the doctor doesn’t recommend surgery at this time, only supplements, but I may require surgery in the future.


I LOVE children! Seriously, I want to see or play with any child I come across. I have a bit of separation anxiety and need a home with someone around most of the time. I am crate trained and house trained, as well as playful and witty with my ability to outsmart my foster brothers.

I have clearly been well-loved, well-trained, and deserve the best opportunity for a new family that understands that the best gems in life come in the form of a Ruby Cavalier! If you need a forever jewel of a Cavalier in your life, please fill out our online application and then contact Rescue Coordinator Michelle Ouellette at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she knows that you have applied.




  • Color: Ruby
  • Birthday: 10/11/13
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Perfection!
  • Medical Conditions: Luxating patellas, surgery currently not recommended
  • Temperament: Very happy, playful, witty, sociable, and loving.
  • Recommendations: Has separation anxiety so a home with someone reliably present is preferred. Does great with other pets, but could be an only dog too.
  • Location: Leesburg, VA
  • Region: Southern

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