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Trixie in Woodland Hills, CA

Update 10-7-17: We are no longer taking applications for this pup as we've received several good ones. Thanks to all who have shown interest.

Hello, I am Trixie. I’m tall, friendly, delighted to engage in a game of fetch, or go on a stroll and would love to be your new best friend. My coat was sheared short before coming to foster care but it’s growing back and my tail is full and wagging. My foster mom made me feel secure when I arrived and I adapted quickly with the three Cavalier friends at her home. I like the two grandkids that visit too, but a M.O.M. is what I need and crave. I did love my first mom, but she had to move and could not take me. However, she wanted what is best for my future and asked Cavalier Rescue USA to help find me the best forever home with everything I need – a new best friend. Here is what my foster mom has learned about me, so pay attention…

Trixie has lost 5 pounds since she arrived in foster care and is now at her ideal weight for her tall physique and should maintain her current weight for best health and well-being. She is up-to-date on vaccinations, has a microchip, the vet said no heart murmur was detected on her exam, her eyes and ears are good and her hips and knees are great. A much needed dental is completed and she lost some teeth but now has sweet breath and a sparkling smile.

She wants her next home to be her last and will be a faithful Velcro companion in a short time once you have gained her trust and she will give you her heart for your loyalty and love in return. A healthy, lean diet and moderate exercise will need to be supported to maintain best health. Trixie was de-barked in her previous life, but that does not stop her from using her squeaky-toy voice to alert that the gardener has arrived or if she spies a big dog walking outside on the sidewalk. She does have some separation anxiety and will spring up to greet you when you return from your outings. 

Trixie needs a home with someone home most of the time. She is friendly with all other dogs she has met. She is reliable on pottying outdoors with regular outings. She wants to be near her human, but not necessarily in their lap. The back of the couch is her chosen spot when it’s TV time and she prefers to sleep or nap nearby wherever you are.

If you are charmed by Trixie and ready to be her loyal, devoted and patient partner to gain her affection and trust, then please complete an online application and send an email with a note of your interest to Donna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let her know of your interest. Applicants within a comfortable driving distance for a meet and greet in Woodland Hills will be considered. You can read about our adoption process by clicking the following links: Our Adoption Process and frequently asked questions FAQ.




  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 7
  • Birthday: March 2, 2010
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Very reliable with regular outings to backyard
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy
  • Temperament: Gets a little anxious when her human goes out, but is happy, loving and devoted, bonds well.
  • Recommendations: Someone home most of the time. She is good with all dogs with proper introductions. Older mature children will be considered. A high quality diet for optimal health and longevity; moderate exercise.
  • Location: Woodland Hills, CA
  • Region: Western

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