Southern Region

Sophie in Dallas, TX

Just Adopted!

Here is Sophie with her new mom...

Hi, I am Sophie, though I prefer “Sophia”. It sounds so regal! Seven months ago something bad happened to me. I was abandoned. And, something good happened to me, Cavalier Rescue USA.

Let’s back up. When I was a pup I had a good home and was well cared for. My people had me microchipped and spayed to keep me safe. But I was given away to someone else that could not take care or see to my needs. He let my teeth get pretty bad, and I had another bigger problem: I had pancreatic insufficiency. This is easy to resolve once you know of it. I did not know it then, and my owner did not either. He just knew I was losing all my hair, and getting painfully thin. So, he dumped me off in a parking lot. He probably figured no one would want to adopt such ragtag dog!

Finally someone from the shelter came and got me and Rescue was called. Just a few days from death by malnutrition I found someone who cared. The folks wrapped me in a blanket, talked softly to me, bathed me and encouraged me to eat. What no one knew was that my medical condition was such that my body couldn’t absorb the food! A month went by and still I was only two pounds more than my emaciated weight! I should have been at least 18 pounds, but I was only 11 pounds when rescued and barely more than 13 a month later.

Cavalier Rescue USA did some detective work. With the help of veterinary testing, my pancreatic problem was discovered. I need to have enzymes added to my food to help me digest it. Now I am at perfect weight of 20 pounds. My coat is full and shiny and I just had a dental and have pearly white teeth. I'm in great health for age 9.

I don’t mean to brag, but I am also a “perfect” dog. I NEVER mess in the house! I go to the door and bark softly, though I can up the volume if I’m ignored. When let out, I do my business and come right back to the door. I’ll bark to come in. If you don’t hear me I’ll go around to the back door. Not a problem. And, by the way. I’ll never wake you up at night to go potty!

I am a quiet lady. I don’t run around like some of these young bucks chasing birds and squirrels. I am not the kind that demands to be in your lap, or is too effusive. I just want to be in the room with you at all times, and have you feed me twice a day when I ask. I’d love to have you talk to me and share your thoughts. I’m a really good listener!

I would love to be in a family who has someone home most of the day. I don’t mind other dogs as my foster mom has plenty of dogs running around, but I could be an only dog and would love it. I would prefer not be around little children who are rough but older children are fine.

If you would love me to be part of your family, please fill out our on-line application and then email Diane Theofanis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let her know of your interest.





  • Color: Tri-Color
  • Age: 9
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes, perfect
  • Medical Conditions: EPI (Enzyme Pancreatic Insufficiency)
  • Temperament: Quiet, lovable little girl, who loves being in the same room with you.
  • Recommendations: Loving person or family with someone home much of the time.
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Region: Southern

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