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Bella in Sanibel, FL

Just Adopted!

Here is Bella with her new mom...

Lovely Bella is a 1.5 year old Blenheim Cavalier who is all puppy! This darling girl is super playful, affectionate, and spirited. She loves toys and to play fetch, and routinely empties the toy box so she has a ready selection. 

Bella was spayed while in our care and is at a good weight for her frame at 18 lbs. She's a healthy young dog.

While she looks like she may have a little something else mixed in, she originally came from a breeder, so hard to say.

She was purchased by a family and had been much loved, but when family circumstances changed this past March, Bella and the other family dog were moved to quarters outdoors. Because of this, she had a couple of accidents in her first few days of foster care, but with being taken out regularly and praised for doing the needful, she's doing great. She'll just need to be initially supervised and trained to her new home. 

Bella is one of the happiest dog we've seen in a long time. She's usually smiling and tail wagging, and her whole body wags with her! She's a joy to be around, and will make a great companion for the right person or family.

This pup gets along well with other dogs, so having one to play with will be great for her. A physically fenced in yard to run around in is a must for Bella, as is an owner home much of the day or who will take her with them on their outings. 

Bella has had some training and knows to sit when asked, but she will benefit from reward based training and lots of playtime. If you are looking for a fun dog, this gal is it!

To be considered for Bella's forever home, please complete our online application (if you haven't already) and then email Carolyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she knows of your interest. We are happy to consider applicants who live within reasonable driving distance of Sanibel Island in FL.



  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 1
  • Birthday: 1/14/16
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Sex: Female
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy
  • Temperament: Playful, active, very affectionate
  • Recommendations: Fenced yard, another friendly dog, adult home much of the time, able to work on training with this pup, older gentle kids okay.
  • Location: Sanibel, FL
  • Region: Southern

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