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Luna in Las Vegas, NV

Just Adopted!

Here is Luna with her new mom...

Luna is a female Tricolor who is crate trained, leash trained, potty trained and sleeps through the night. She is 2-years-old and was born May 14th of 2015.


At 10 lbs., Luna is slightly on the thin side and we have made every effort to spoil her and fatten her up. She is very shy around people and it takes her a little while to know you. Any loud noise/sound or sudden movements can intimate this sweet little gal.


Luna absolutely loves going to the dog park and running around, sniffing, and in general enjoying off leash time. She is big fan of walks. She took an immediate liking to the lady of house and is constantly at her side. She very much enjoys sitting in a lap and taking a snooze. She is so goofy attempting to get attention sometimes that we nicknamed her “Looney Tunes”.

Luna has no problem getting along with other dogs, but we noticed she can be a little possessive of her female foster parent. Luna does not know how to play yet; she wags her tail and growls. As fosters, we are sure that given a little more time her shyness will wear off. We have seen drastic improvement in her behavior in only the few weeks with us. We hope Luna finds the loving family she deserves. Luna is up to date on her vaccinations and healthy.


If you are interested in adopting Lune and feel that you have the patient and right home environment to give this loving girl a chance to enjoy the world please review the adoption process and complete an online application indicating your interest in Luna. Once that is done please email Teri Koehler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let her know of your interest.




  • Color: Tri-Color
  • Age: 2
  • Birthday: 5/14/15
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy
  • Temperament: Very shy and fearful when meeting new people. Good around other dogs.
  • Recommendations: A calm home, as well as another Cavalier or small dog. A nurturing and supportive home where she can be spoiled.
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Region: Western

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