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Here is Nevin with his new family...

Meet Nevin, our full-figured love of a Cavalier! Nevin came into rescue after his owners’ allergies became severe, requiring them to make a difficult decision.


He clearly enjoyed eating from the family table, and his weight was a very unhealthy 46 pounds when he came to his foster family. He has been put on a diet of high-quality kibble, enjoys lots of exercise and has lost 5 pounds since coming under our care. Unlike most of us, he is a good sport about dieting and never complains. He is taking on this diet like a pro, and is gaining more energy as the pounds slip away. His new family will have to be committed to continuing his exercise and weight reduction plan until he reaches his ideal weight.


Nevin had a bad ear infection when he came into rescue. While it has resolved, he has narrow ear canals, which make diligence with cleanliness a priority. A weekly prophylactic eardrop seems to be keeping things in check.

Foster care has been a series of new adventures for Nevin. He was unable to climb stairs when he first arrived. It took a few days of pushing up his rear-end, but what joy he experienced when he could do it on his own! He now follows his foster mom up and down three flights of stairs, never wanting to miss a thing. The car is also a big adventure. If he thinks you are heading out without him, he races out the basement door and does laps around the car! Keeping him on a leash – or the garage door closed – is a must!

Nevin is 5-years-old, housetrained, neutered, micro-chipped and walks well on a leash. He knows basic commands such as sit and stay, but can use reinforcement as he sometimes forgets when he gets excited. He can also be a bit stubborn when on a walk, and will dig his heels in if he wants to go the other direction. His new owner can try some different methods of persuasion to get him moving again!


Nevin’s major endearing quality is putting one of his stuffed animals in his mouth when he is excited. He often hikes the entire length of his daytime walk with the toy hanging out of his mouth. His foster family calls it his “wooby.” He has become a neighborhood favorite because of that, and due to his visibly improving waistline. Everyone is cheering him on!

Nevin usually sleeps on a couch in the basement, mostly because his snoring would wake his light-sleeper of a foster mom! He would be just as happy to sleep in the room with you. As his weight continues to drop, this will likely become less of an issue.


When his foster mom goes out, she keeps him in a large x-pen area. He would be fine staying in the same room with his foster brother, but exhibits a bit of separation anxiety and has been known to scratch at the door. The x-pen solution keeps everyone safe and happy.

He interacts and plays well with his foster brother, but would be fine as the only dog in the house. We are working on an open mouthed “nippy” that he sometimes does when excited. There is never a malicious intent, but just excitement that he sometime can’t contain. When he has his “wooby” in his mouth, all is fine. Nevin has very good manners around food, but can use a bit of training to teach him to settle down around people and a change in scenery. He gets more excited with new people, places and experiences than his 2-year-old foster brother!


Nevin is a sweet and loyal Cavalier who would be a wonderful addition to any home. He is happy being a couch potato, but can also join you for a nature hike. Most of all, he has that “Velcro” feature we all love with our Cavaliers!

If you live within a reasonable driving distance and are interested in adopting this sweet hunk of a boy, please email NJ Coordinator Rebecca Plimpton (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to indicate you’re interested.

Our heartfelt thanks to Marcela Mangan, from Stray from the Heart for these lovely photos of Nevin!




  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 5
  • Birthday: 1/19/12
  • Weight: 41 lbs and losing!
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Perfect!
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy
  • Temperament: Energetic, sweet, a pure “Velcro” Cavalier
  • Recommendations: : Loves his “peeps” so someone home for part of the day is best. Gets along well with other dogs. Fine with children, not cat tested.
  • Location: Summit, NJ
  • Region: Northeast

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