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Scooter in Okemos, MI

Just Adopted!

Have you always wanted the Cavalier personality in a bigger dog? Scooter is such a sweet dog and is 17 inches tall to his shoulder. He is a tall Cavalier, weighs 40 lbs and is not overweight at all. He is a wonderful and easy dog.

He had always been an only dog and is very well behaved. He has a very calm demure and needs to be the only dog or with a female dog. He was in a foster home with an assertive male dog and that was not good for Scooter. 

He loves to go for car rides and sometimes, he gets to sit in the car in the garage if there has not been any “rides” lately.

He came to us because his former owners were elderly and one had passed away. Scooter currently lives with me, my two female dogs and three blind cats. He loves to go for walks with the other dog and has been walking 1-2 miles every morning.

When he first came he would follow me around. Over a few days, he became more comfortable and secure with his surroundings. He is very good with the cats and sleeps with all my pets on the sofa, most afternoons after his walk.

Scooter has had bladder stones which have been removed. He needs to be on Royal Canin Urinary SO Dog Food. This can be purchased through your vet but is less expensive through stores like Chewy.com. Scooter eats 1 cup twice a day and the monthly cost for his food is about $40.

Scooter is a wonderful guy. A big dog with the Cavalier personality! He gets along with everyone, always happy and loves to sit next to anyone, or other pet, on the sofa. I am teaching him “stay”. He is up to date on his shots and just had his teeth cleaned. If you are looking for a good companion, this is your guy!

If you think you can give him a forever home, please complete the online application and contact Jan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 9
  • Birthday: 12/17/07
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Yes
  • Medical Conditions: Has a history of bladder stones and some hearing loss common for his age, gets over the counter eye drops.
  • Temperament: Gentle and loving
  • Recommendations: Happiest as an only dog or with a female dog
  • Location: Okemos, MI
  • Region: Central

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