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Bailey and Rex in Laguna Hills, CA

Just Adopted!

Here are the pups with their new family...

Hi folks! I’m Bailey, a 4½ year old Blenheim boy who would like to find a furever home with my best buddy, Rex. He is a really handsome Tricolor fella and is the same age as I am. We’re not littermates, just lifelong partners and since we’ve been together all these years, we hope to find a home that would love both of us. Our last family had to give us up because Dad got very sick and the busy family wanted us to have the care and attention they could not provide.

We’re now in a foster home with a super Foster mom and dad who give us a lot of love, time and attention and I provide them with lots of kisses. Rex and I like to nap on the couch next to our foster Mom while she’s on her computer – Rex thinks I make a good pillow.

Rex and I are on a weight reduction program with diet and exercise. In a short time, I have lost almost 6 lbs and Rex has lost over 3 lbs and he is looking very svelte and I feel so much more limber already. It’s a work in progress since we both really love to eat. Being at our ideal weight will help our arthritis and also help our spine get better and stronger. About the food…I used to bully Rex at mealtime and steal his food. (He was a wimp and whenever I finished first and saw he still had some, I couldn’t help my assertive nature.) Anyway, my food-stealing behavior is probably the reason I became so overweight. Now I eat in a separate room ‘cause I still can get a little grabby with food and treats. I try to mind my manners and I’m doing much better about that now, however, because of the oversight needed on my assertive issue with food, Rex and I are not ideal for a family with small children.

We both tend to get very excited when we see other dogs. Rex, especially, makes quite a fuss when he wants to meet a new friend. Once we’re properly introduced, though, we calm down. Rex is practicing and getting better. We are both learning leash manners and going on daily walks, which will need to be continued in our new home. We are very good at sniffing around enthusiastically and we want to smell everything. We practice a lot on our walks and are doing good with these lessons.

In our furever home we will need a fenced in yard with some grass where we can do our business. We haven’t quite mastered a doggy door yet, but that is on our to-do list. We sit patiently by the back door when we want to go out and our potty habits are excellent. We are most proud of our crate training and are very well behaved in our crates when our Foster mom and dad go out, which isn’t too often. We’d really like a home where our people stay home quite a bit cause that’s what we’re used to. I’m told, we both used to snore at night when we arrived in foster care, but no longer since we’ve both lost weight, our breathing is better. If you let us, we’d be happy to sleep in the big bed with you, but the crate is okay with us. 

We’re up to date on all our shots and micro-chipped. The vet said we both have some issues that need special care, but these can be easily improved. I’ve got arthritis in my hips, Rex and I both have some discomfort in our necks and Rex has additional discomfort his back so we do need daily medicine to help. We hope this doesn’t discourage anyone cause we now feel so much better taking the meds the vet prescribed for our arthritis and spondylosis. We’re really good boys and accommodating in taking these medicines. Vet doc says we have some tartar and recommends that we both have a dental sometime within the coming year to keep us healthy.

If you may be that special someone with a heart big enough for two boys and want to provide us with a peaceful, loving home, please apply by completing an application on the link below, if you have not already done so. Then send an email to Donna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let her know that you have completed an application or have an application on file.

Our humble gratitude to professional photographer Laura of L'Arte LG Photography in Newport Beach for these wonderful photos of Bailey and Rex.  Please check out her work at http://www.lartephotography.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/LarteLGPhotography/


  • Age: 4
  • Weight: Rex: 23 / Bailey: 32
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Excellent
  • Medical Conditions: Rex: Arthritis, Spondylosis Bailey: Arthritis, overweight
  • Temperament: Sweet gentlemen
  • Recommendations: Someone home most of the time to continue a good diet and exercise routine, maintain leash and manners training and provide oversight on food assertiveness.
  • Location: Laguna Hills, CA
  • Region: Western

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