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Josephine (JoJo) in Plano, TX

Just Adopted!

Here is the pup with her new family...

Hi everybody! My name is Josephine, but they call me JoJo for short and I am ready to find my forever home. I am a 4-year-old female black and tan Cavalier who my foster mom says is the most loving Cavalier she has ever met! Foster dad says my forever parents will have to be pretty special to deserve a Cavalier as sweet as I am. I had been breed and was extremely sick when I came into rescue. If the nice rescue folks hadn’t taken me in and gotten me medical treatment, I would not have lived much longer.  


I love my foster home. They don’t make me get in a crate and I get the run of the house. Foster mom says that is only because I am being good, doing my business outside (I use the doggie door) and I get along with the other three Cavaliers who live here. That is, except at mealtime. I tend to get a bit territorial sometimes about my food so I have to be feed away from the others. No problems during treat time though. I sit and get in line for my turn.  

My favorite things are following foster mom around the house, sitting in someone’s lap, and playing fetch. I will even bring a soft toy to you so you can throw it for me. I love to walk on my leash and I am a good traveler in the car. I am a pretty good guard dog too. If I hear a sound on the TV in the living room, I automatically think someone is in the backyard, so I take off running out the dog door and bark outside. Also, if you want to cut my nails, I will scream bloody murder, so put in ear plugs. The vet techs who cut my nails said I was a bit of a drama queen. But, otherwise I am quiet.


Rescue spent a good deal of time getting me healthy after all the issues I had when I came to them. But, now I have had my spay, am micro-chipped, had a dental (lost 8 teeth) and am up to date on my vaccinations.

I do like my foster brother and sisters. Having them around to play with has been nice, so my new home could have other doggies. Never been around a cat, so I can’t say what my opinion of them might be. I would do best in a home with older children and adults.

People talk about Cavaliers being lap dogs. They must have met me when they decided that. Because, if you are sitting down, I. MUST. BE. IN. YOUR. LAP.  It is your job to love on me and I will make sure you are reminded of that every chance I get.

If you are interested in me, please fill out our online application and then please contact Diane Theofanis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let her know you want me to be a member of your family!


  • Color: Black and Tan
  • Age: 4
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes, and uses doggie door
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy
  • Temperament: Sweet, loving, and gets along well with people and dogs.
  • Recommendations: A securely fenced yard and someone home much of the time.
  • Location: Plano, TX
  • Region: Southern

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