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Rosa in Munster, IN

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Here is Rosa with her new family...


Rosa is a beautiful chestnut colored cavalier with a heart of gold. Rosa was found as a stray in bad shape, requiring surgery to remove masses from her belly, and had her backside rid of fur due to fleas. Don't let any of those things fool you, Rosa is a happy, loving dog, and none of her past life appears of have taken any toll on her attitude.

Rosa is fantastic with children and other dogs. She spends her time in her foster home with a 1yr old human sister as well as four other dogs. Rosa knows when it's time to go outside, and time to eat, and gladly wags her tail along with her foster siblings when it's her time for her food bowl. She's a gentle soul who just wants affection, and to be in contact with her human(s). She will follow you from room to room, and may even bark if left alone in a room where she can't see you. She's somewhere between 6-8 years old, as she was a stray there's no way to know her exact age.

Rosa was just adopted by a family on our waiting list.


  • Color: Ruby
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Sex: Female
  • Temperament: Sweet, cuddly, and happy.
  • Location: Munster, IN
  • Region: Central
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