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Here are some websites that may be of interest... (wonderfully informative site that rates and evaluates the ingredients in dog foods) (your shopping spree can help a lame dog to run at over 1575 stores through this link and rescue receives a percentage of your purchase at no cost to you!) (mega website for dog adoptions) (buy great Cavalier emblem items and benefit our group) (this site has loads…

Buster's Story

Buster was released to Cavalier Rescue USA because his family could not afford the knee surgeries he needed. He was 3-years-old and unable to walk more than a few paces without taking breaks or to do many basic day-to-day activities such as climbing a flight of stairs. He was diagnosed with severe (grade-4/4) patellar luxation, which means his kneecaps were dislocated all of the time and he was in chronic pain. Our trusted orthopedic surgeon…

Deafness in Cavaliers

HEAR, HEAR… WHY ARE DOGS DEAF? By Shelley Greggs What causes a dog to lose it’s hearing? It turns out that many of the same things that cause hearing loss in humans cause hearing loss in dogs. Genetic defects, congenital deafness (born deaf), ear infections, injury to the ear, exposure to loud noises or certain drugs may be at fault. Some dogs experience gradual hearing loss due to old age. Information from a large scale…

Sparkle's Story

Sweet Sparkle came into my care after being advertised on Craigslist for free. Fortunately, she was surrendered to Cavalier Rescue USA. We were told she was 9 years old and the owner couldn’t care for her anymore. When she arrived, poor little Sparkle was skin and bones, smelly, completely flea infested and covered with large mats, she looked pitiful and obviously felt miserable. We immediately gave her a Capstar to take care of the fleas,…
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