Veterinary support for the mile ahead

We want to help those rescue angels who adopt a senior or special needs Cavalier from us, by sharing in some of the cost of care for the year post adoption, the mile ahead. We hope this will encourage more adoptions of these deserving companions.

Here are the program details:


• Cavaliers age 10 and over + dogs listed as special needs are included.


• Cavalier Rescue USA will equally share the cost of the dogs’ current prescription medications for one-year post adoption, as well as the cost of an annual exam by the general veterinarian at the end of the adoption year.


• If the adopted dog is on medication, adopters need to enroll their new pet in a prescription program such as that offered by Walgreens, or obtain the medicine from stores like Costco, Walmart, or Target. Please note that Vetmedin is now carried by several retail stores too.


• If the adopted Cavalier is placed on new medications by the adopter’s veterinarian post adoption for the condition that was covered under ShareCare, the new family needs to contact Cavalier Rescue USA to determine if the new medication is eligible for cost sharing.


• Adopters need to provide a copy of all receipts for which cost sharing is requested.


• Cavalier Rescue USA will then reimburse for eligible expenses in one payment to the adopter after the adopted Cavalier has been in the new home for the year.

We are excited to offer this program and to provide even greater support to those who especially need a helping hand!



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