Sparkle's Story

Sweet Sparkle came into my care after being advertised on Craigslist for free. Fortunately, she was surrendered to Cavalier Rescue USA. We were told she was 9 years old and the owner couldn’t care for her anymore. When she arrived, poor little Sparkle was skin and bones, smelly, completely flea infested and covered with large mats, she looked pitiful and obviously felt miserable. We immediately gave her a Capstar to take care of the fleas, followed by a nice warm bath, cut out the worst of the mats and offered her a nice dinner, which she gobbled down. That first night was really rough, she scratched and whined in her crate all night. We also found that she wasn’t house trained!

The next morning, our groomer volunteered to clean her up and in the process of cleaning out the rest of the mats, discovered embedded foxtails in all four paws and behind her ears. No wonder why she cried when she was scratching! We got to see the vet that first afternoon too but were devastated with his diagnosis: Sparkle’s heart was severely enlarged and she had a significant murmur (5-6), she had spondylosis (bone spurs in the spine), she has an inguinal hernia, plus, several benign fatty growths. Sparkle has had lots of puppies in the past and was still intact. The vet felt that surgery would be too risky given her heart condition but prescribed medication to take care of her immediate issues.

In just a few hours Sparkle seemed to be a completely different dog! Throughout her misery we could see that she was a sweet little dog that wanted affection and to be loved. After a few days of good meals, medication and care her personality has blossomed. She quickly learned to go out the dog door and found her favorite spot on the sofa!

Even though Sparkle was a wonderful, affectionate nature and is a beautiful little Ruby, we were concerned that she would be unadoptable given her age and all of her health issues. We reached out to a former adopter/now volunteer who specifically wanted an older female. Fortunately, this kind lady is well versed in Cavalier heart issues and didn’t give a second thought to all of the Sparkle’s many health problems. She just wanted to love and pamper Sparkle for as long as she has left. Sparkle charmed this lady during her interview and her dreams have come true - she’s been adopted! Sparkle’s story one of the happiest of Cavalier Rescue USA’s happily ever after stories ever!

Sarah, foster volunteer in Northern California