Please Want Me

Recently, Cavalier Rescue USA introduced Scarlett to the world. Scarlett is a darling Blenheim puppy, loving and sweet, who is looking for a forever family. Scarlett has hydrocephalus and some special needs, so she needs an exceptional family who will take her situation in stride and focus on the joy and affection they will receive from this great little pup. 

Sometimes the term special needs can be scary but special needs do not define a pet, especially one like Scarlett who is so lively and charming. Hydrocephalus literally means water on the brain. She had life saving surgery with a shunt implanted to resolve this condition. She needs to be on anti-seizure medication and play gently, but otherwise, this endearing little pup gets around well and truly enjoys her life. She is happy, playful, and affectionate. First and foremost, Scarlett is a delightful Cavalier, true to the breed in her loving and friendly nature.

You are probably asking yourself why would I want a special needs pet? What’s in it for my family and me? The answer is quite a bit. You and your family will learn new life lessons, expand your horizons, make new relationships, and also have the pleasure of knowing that you are doing something life sustaining.

Adopting a pup like Scarlett can expand your view of how people and animals function. Special needs pets (and people) are typically extremely resilient and have learned to adapt to their circumstances. By adopting a special needs pet, you and your family will learn more about facing and overcoming challenges, and that is truly a life lesson.

Adopting a special needs pet is not for everyone, but if you adopt Scarlett, there will be many rewards, including knowing you have transformed the life of this sweet little Cavalier who truly needs a loving home.

Please see Scarlet’s web page for more photos and information about this endearing, playful pup. If you have questions about adopting Scarlett, have a conversation with the Cavalier Rescue Coordinator, Davonna Sjurseth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 618-567-8531. Here is a link to Scarlet’s page… Scarlett's Page

“Most people see what is, and never see what can be”- Albert Einstein

Article by Shelley Greggs, photos by Joshua Pawlak