Danny's Story

Meet Danny Boy - one of the sweetest boy we've ever fostered, which made it so sad that nature dealt him such a bad hand. You'd never know he has diabetes, EPI and dry eye from spending time with him. Danny is a happy, loving, and truly cheerful Cavalier boy, and handsome as all get out too!

Danny loves to cuddle and look at you with his big brown eyes. He's happiest at your side, be it on the couch, or on a dog bed beside you while you work. Just say his name, and his tail is in motion and wagging contentedly. 

Who could give up such a loving companion? Danny is a great ambassador for the breed!

Just look at that sweet face and ever wagging tail.

Happily, he landed with the best family ever and is much loved and doing well!

We couldn't be happier for this handsome, sweet Cavalier!

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