We are always happy to consider loving, responsible individuals and families as potential adopters for our rescued Cavaliers.

The dogs who come to rescue are of all ages, from youngsters through seniors, with most being adults. While some Cavaliers needing homes have special needs or ongoing medical concerns, most are healthy and their medical needs are taken care of while in rescue. That said, families interested in adopting a senior or special needs Cavalier may have a greater chance of rescuing from us, since these dogs are often harder to place.

We seek to make the best match possible between the rescue dog and the families looking to adopt. To that end, our adoption process is a thorough one.

To start the process, please  complete our online application...

Applications are kept active for 6 months, after which time you would need to contact us if you were still interested in adoption. In most cases, a well qualified family will be able to adopt a Cavalier from us well before that, especially if they keep an eye on the website and call us when we have a dog in whom they are interested. If you are applying for a specific Cavalier we have in foster care, please note on the application the name of the dog and where he or she is being fostered. Please note that we do not ship dogs and that we want you to meet the dog and spend ample time with him or her to ensure that you're making a solid adoption decision.

If it looks like your family might make a great home for a Cavalier in our care and your family is within reasonable driving distance of where the dog is being fostered, then the process usually proceeds with 1-2 informal telephone interviews, a vet reference check, a visit with the foster family, a home visit where the adoption normally occurs, and post-adoption follow-up.

Adoption donations vary based on the age and health of the rescued dog, but generally range from $100-650. We are an all volunteer non-profit group, and all donations go towards our program.

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